Epilepsy and Sleep

  • Carl W. Bazil, MD, PhD, Chief, Division of Epilepsy and Sleep
    Investigational drug trials in epilepsy; genomic approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy (in collaboration with Columbia's Institute for Genomic Medicine); relationships between sleep, sleep disorders, and epilepsy; influences of sleep on memory and learning.
  • Hyunmi Choi, MD, MS
    Genomic approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy; decision analysis; patient preference assessment; development of patient decision aid; outcomes in intractable epilepsy.
  • Marla J. Hamberger, PhD
    Pre and postoperative language and memory in epilepsy; new approaches to assess word finding; cortical stimulation language mapping, naming studies using fMRI; language and memory during intracarotid amobarbital testing.
  • Anil Mendiratta, MD
    Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy; non-surgical treatment of epilepsy.
  • Alison Pack, MD
    Studies of the effects of epilepsy and antiepileptic drugs on bone metabolism; neuroendocrine and reproductive aspects of epilepsy; pregnancy and epilepsy; human sexuality; women's issues related to epilepsy.
  • Catherine Schevon, MD, PhD
    Electrophysiology of epileptic brain, signal processing of EEG recordings, and application to seizure localization and prediction; physiological basis of electroencephalography (EEG); electrophysiology-based techniques for functional mapping in children and adults.
  • Shraddha Srinivasan, MD
    Studies on novel drug and device treatments for refractory epilepsy.
  • Andrew J. Westwood, MD, MRCP (UK)
    Studies on novel drugs for the treatment of sleep disorders.

Laboratory Research

  • Melodie Winawer, MD, MS
    Family and genetic studies of epilepsy; problems in phenotype definition; linkage analysis and delineation of human epilepsy susceptibility genes.


  • Ruth Ottman, PhD
    Family and genetic studies of epilepsy. Identification of genes that influence risk for seizures and epilepsy.
  • Dale Hesdorffer, PhD
    Neuroepidemiology of seizure disorders and consequences of severe head injury. Association between MRI-detected brain abnormalities and development among children with febrile seizures, prognosis for status epilepticus, and risk factors for newly diagnosed epilepsy. Impact of the acute management of severe brain injury on outcome (in collaboration with the Brain Trauma Foundation).