Professorships in Neurology

An endowed professorship is the highest honor that a university can bestow upon a member of its faculty, recognizing outstanding contributions both to the school and to its holder’s particular area of expertise.  These chairs help highlight the excellence of our work, and make the Department the destination of choice for the brightest minds in medicine, ensuring that their work will be supported in perpetuity.

Since 2011, the following professorships have been created and/or bestowed in the Department of Neurology:

  • Adler Assistant Professor of Neurological Sciences (Elizabeth M. Bradshaw, PhD)
  • Boris and Rose Katz Professorship (Scott A. Small, MD)
  • Boris and Rose Katz Assistant Professorship (William C. Kreisl, MD)
  • Winifred Mercer Pitkin, MD Assistant Professorship (5-year professorship, currently held by Kiran T. Thakur, MD)
  • Claire Tow Associate Professorship of Motor Neuron Disorders (Neil Shneider, MD, PhD)
  • Weil-Granat Professorship of Neurology (Philip L. De Jager, MD, PhD)
  • Darryl C. De Vivo Professorship in Pediatric Neurology (TBD)
  • Stanley Fahn Professorship (TBD)
  • Florence Irving Professorship of Neurology (TBD)
  • H. Houston Merritt Professorship of Neurology (TBD)
  • Karen L.K. Miller Assistant/Associate Professorship of Neurology (TBD)
  • Belle and Murray Nathan Professorship (TBD)
  • Sergievsky Family Professorship of Neurology (TBD)