1st International Tremor Congress Held at Columbia University Irving Medical Center

The 1st International Tremor Congress was held this May at Columbia University Irving Medical Center.  Dr. Sheng-Han Kuo organized the two-day meeting to bring together academic investigators, industries, and trainees who are interested in tremor, the most common type of movement disorder. This congress addressed various forms of tremor, including essential tremor, Parkinson’s disease tremor, and dystonic tremor. Renowned speakers, with different areas of expertise, discussed brain circuitry alterations in tremor from the studies of genetics, animal models, neuroimaging, and physiology. There were also several important highlights in wearable devices and emerging clinical trials for tremor. Columbia Movement Disorders fellows Drs. Lan Luo, Deepak Gupta, and Sarah O’Shea presented a video demonstration of challenging movement disorders cases with tremor.  Columbia Movement Disorders faculty, including Drs. Stanley FahnUn Kang, and Nora Vanegas, also played key roles in the congress. This 2-day congress sparked interests in tremor research and the knowledge shared hopefully can advance the therapy development of tremor, the most common type of movement disorder.