Neurocritical Care

  • Jan Claassen, MD, PhD, Director, Critical Care Neurology Program and Medical Director, Neurocritical Care Unit
    Research interests include exploring coma and recovery of consciousness; multimodality brain monitoring; ICU epilepsy and neurophysiology; clinical trials and outcomes research in status epilepticus; refractory status epilepticus; neuroimaging of acute brain injury.
  • Soojin Park, MD
    Research interest is in data-driven forecasting and clinical decision support in the management of acute neurological illness, specifically incorporating time series analysis of neuromonitoring and physiologic data.
  • Sachin Agarwal MD, MPH
    Interests include education research using simulation based methods; electrophysiological, imaging, and serum biomarkers to study outcomes and prognostication after cardiac arrest; ICU patient-oriented outcome research including prevention of catheter-associated urinary tract infection and ventilator associated pneumonia, early feeding and early mobilization after acute brain injury.