Headache and Facial Pain Research

  • Dr. Marianna Shnayderman (Yugrakh) cares for patients with a broad range of headache disorders in Columbia’s Headache and Facial Pain Center.   Dr. Shnayderman is currently pursuing the development of a program for patients that are pregnant or undergoing fertility treatments and suffering from intractable headaches with limited treatment options. She is also developing an outpatient infusion therapy program for patients with refractory headaches. She has expertise in Botox injections for chronic migraine, as well as trigeminal and occipital nerve blocks and trigger point injections.

  • Dr. Robert H. Fryer is a specialist in pediatric migraine and sees both children and teens with headache disorders in our Headache and Facial Pain Center.  In research, Dr. Fryer has focused on the elucidation of genes involved in neuronal migration, a key early step in CNS development. Dr. Fryer was able to identify a gene, Nisch, which regulates trafficking of receptors to the cell surface of migrating neurons. Mutations in this gene have recently been identified in patients with autistic spectrum disorders.