Retrospective Detection of Interleaved Slice Acquisition Parameters from fMRI Data

MATLAB line plotsThis Matlab script detects the interleave parameters from the raw fMRI data, in case these information are lost from the file header. Download code (zip). 







moderator-mediator flow chartMatLab code for performing mediation analyses and moderated-mediation analyses with neuroimaging data. Code uses a map-reduce approach to take full advantage of a cluster computing environment.  Download code.





Psychtoolbox display for memory items, distractor, and probeMatLab code using the Psychtoolbox for delivering a verbal delayed item recognition task to a participant in the MRI or behaviorally. Uses a detailed configuration file and an easy to use graphical user interface. Download code


Generalized Covariance provides a user friendly platform to conduct PCA-based spatial covariance analysis on neuroimaging data (like structural MRI, functional MRI or PET) with or without a specialized design matrix.

Multivariate brain scan analysis