Sleep Disorder Treatments and Services

The Columbia Sleep Disorders Center frequently sees patients with both common and intractable sleep disorders, including:

  • Narcolepsy (a brain disorder with disrupted ability to stay awake)
  • Hypersomnia (excessive sleepiness despite adequate sleep)
  • Parasomnias (abnormal behaviors at night while asleep such acting out dreams, sexual behaviors, sleep eating, sleep walking)
  • Circadian Rhythm disturbances (sleeping at inappropriate times)
  • Insomnia (inability to fall asleep, stay asleep, or early awakening)
  • Obstructive and/or central sleep apnea (gasping/choking or stopping breathing during sleep)

We provide expert neurological consultations as well as a wide range of testing, such as overnight polysomnography, multiple sleep latency testing, and maintenance of wakefulness testing. In addition, we have the capacity to perform simultaneous video-EEG monitoring when indicated, such as when patients have known or suspected epilepsy.

Both weekday and weekend testing is available. Home testing is available during normal business hours from our ColumbiaDoctors Neurology West 51st Street location in New York City.  In-lab sleep assessments are performed at the Sleep Disorders Center at our Columbia University Medical Center location, 168th Street.

We have a special emphasis on neurology and psychiatry patients with sleep disorders. Sleep disorders are particularly prominent in patients with neurodegenerative diseases, epilepsy, and stroke and testing may be indicated with any persistent, unexplained sleep disturbance. We accept most insurance.

For questions regarding sleep studies in English or Spanish, you may contact the sleep center at 212-305-1742.