An Opportunity of a Lifetime: Art2cure Fundraiser to Showcase Luxembourg Artists Alongside Rauschenberg, Liechtenstein & Sherman in New York

On May 21, six Luxembourgish artists participated in the preview event of a group exhibition at the famous Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York City’s SoHo district. The show, which was organized by the nonprofit organization Art2Cure, in collaboration with the Consulate of Luxembourg in New York, included the following Luxembourgish artists: photographer Martine Pinnel, sculptor Jhemp Bastin, graffiti artist Yves Laurent Grosbusch (STICK), painter and mixed media artist Roland Quetsch, sculptor Sergio Sardelli and painter Joachim Van der Vlugt. The aim of this exhibit was to promote some of Luxembourg’s best artists while also raising money for research.

The event was attended by the Crown Prince Guillaume and his wife Princess Stéphanie, as well as by the Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and his husband Gauthier Destenay. Surprise guest of the evening was movie start and stage actress Kathleen Turner who greeted the royal couple and the Prime Minister upon their arrival. The preview counted more than 300 guests from Luxembourg and New York.

Art2Cure is a nonprofit organization founded in 2014 by Gilles Weidig and Philippe Lamesch. Over the last four years, Art2Cure has staged a yearly art fundraiser first at the KUFA in Esch/Alzette, and in the last two years at the Galerie l’Indépendance at the BIL in Luxembourg city. Art2Cure has since shown over forty Luxembourg-based artists (with the occasional international guest) and has raised over 100,000 EUR for brain research at the University of Luxembourg.

‘One of the main goals of Art2Cure is to promote our most talented Luxembourgish artists on an international level’ says Gilles Weidig, President of Art2Cure, and he continues ‘by showing their art in the prestigious Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York City, which truly is one of the cultural capitals for contemporary art, we provide our artists with the level of visibility that they need to reach the next level of their careers”.

Luxembourgish artists are showing their works alongside seven NYC-based artists such as the well-known mixed media artist Joe Fyfe as well as up-and-coming painter and curator Darryl Westly. There will also be some extraordinary pieces available from the Feldman Gallery’s own archive. Ronald Feldman, who has owned his gallery for over 40 years and has exhibited some of the biggest names in the art world, is a strong supporter of the cause. For this reason, he chose to make available some remarkable pieces from his own collection for the show, including lithographs by Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Liechtenstein and Cindy Sherman.

This first international edition of Art2Cure is supporting an important transatlantic research collaboration in the field of Parkinson’s research. The funds raised during this event will support a Parkinson’s disease study carried by Prof. Serge Przedboski’s laboratory at Columbia University in partnership with Prof. Rejko Krüger’s laboratory at the University of Luxembourg. Philippe Lamesch, Vice-President of Art2Cure, explains: “We strongly believe that bringing together researchers from different backgrounds with complementary sets of expertise, such as in the case of Columbia and Luxembourg Universities, their biomedical research can be accelerated and the path towards a cure be shortened. We are glad to be able to contribute to this important partnership through the funds raised during the Art2Cure exhibition.”

In addition to its exhibit in NYC, Art2Cure will continue with its yearly exhibit in Luxembourg, which will open on June 30 2018 at Galerie l’Indépedance in Luxembourg city. Participating artists:
Jhemp Bastin (sculptures) ; Amanda Dow Thompson (sculptures & paintings) ; Joe Fyfe (mixed media) ; Sydney Goldstein (paintings) ; Yves Laurent Grosbusch (graffiti art & paintings) ; Scott Hunt (drawings) ; Lauren Luloff (mixed media art) ; Martine Pinnel (photographs) ; Roland Quetsch (mixed media) ; Sergio Sardelli (sculptures) ; Joachim Van der Vlugt (paintings); Darryl Westly (paintings) ; Rachel Eulena Williams (mixed media)

Contact :
Instagram : @art2cure
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