Diversity and Inclusion Program

To learn more about the Department of Neurology's long and dynamic history of groundbreaking practices, policies, and pursuits to promote diversity and inclusion, in regard to race, gender, religion, age, appearance, and sexual orientation, please visit our Diversity and Inclusion Program, which is a perpetual work in progress. 

A primary aim of our Diversity and Inclusion Program, which is a department-wide initiative, is to encourage open and honest conversation among our diverse workforce and academic community, to respectfully challenge ourselves and one another toward greater reflection about the implicit biases we all hold and how we might address them, together.

If you would like to share comments and thoughts about topics of thought and discussion you would like to see represented through our Diversity and Inclusion Program, please contact the Department of Neurology's Director of Internal Communications, Shannon Zinn, at sz2344@cumc.columbia.edu.  Thank you for your participation!