Dr. James Kirkland Roberts Completes Transforming Leaders Program

Congratulations to Dr. J. Kirk Roberts on his recent completion of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Transforming Leaders Program, an elite 10-month program designed to identify and develop talent among experienced members for future leadership.  As part of the program, Dr. Roberts designed an individual project aimed at strategies to improve outpatient clinical practice in an academic setting.  “This is an increasing model in neurological care as private practices are merging with academic centers and it has its own unique challenges and opportunities,” explained Dr. Roberts.  AAN President Dr. Ralph Sacco also assigned the program group (pictured) a combined project examining strategies to expand neurologic practice.  Dr. Roberts (top right) was elected by his fellow recipients to present their results to Dr. Sacco and the AAN Board of Directors this past June.  Of the overall program, Dr. Robert says, “it greatly exceeded my expectations!"