Columbia Named Research Center of Excellence by Lewy Body Dementia Association


The Lewy Body Dementia Association (LBDA) has announced the launch of the LBDA Research Centers of Excellence (RCOE), a comprehensive network of 24 academic medical centers—including Columbia—that will work together with a common goal to improve the understanding of the disease in the scientific, medical and general public communities.  The LBDA RCOE program aims to establish a clinical trials-ready network of leading institutions that share the common vision of providing the highest level of clinical care over the course of LBD treatment. In addition, the RCOE network seeks to increase access to support for caregivers and people living with LBD, increase the knowledge of LBD among the medical community, and construct administrative infrastructure and generate the resources necessary to further advance LBD research and care.


The centers were chosen for their clinical expertise in LBD, experience running clinical trials in related conditions (combined, the 33 PIs have run 380 clinical trials in the past 5 years), their facility's capacity and willingness to participate, and their geographic locations.  The 24 RCOEs are spread across 17 states and the District of Columbia and are located in 23 American metropolitan areas. Each RCOE is led by recognized primary investigators (PIs) and co-investigators to conduct trials and provide expert care. Columbia Neurology faculty members Drs. Lawrence Honig and Karen Marder will serve as the co-directors/co-principal investigators of Columbia’s LBDA RCOE site. 


More information on the LBDA RCOE program can be found on LBDA's website at