For Bronx woman struggling in wake of month-long coma, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia provides new lease on life

Excerpted from Daily News
By Rich Schapiro
August 2, 2016

Goldman arrived at NewYork-Presbyterian on April 18, 2015. Doctors determined that her severe stomach pain stemmed from an E.coli infection.

A cascade of rapid complications forced doctors to act fast to save her life.

Specialists from a half-dozen departments at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center — including nephrologists and neurologists, gastroenterologists and hematologists — worked in collaboration to treat Goldman’s multiple ailments.

'Each one of the complications was rare in itself,' said neurologist Dr. Randolph Marshall, chief of the hospital’s stroke division. 'The whole constellation of problems that she had presented a real challenge — the kind we live for.'

The doctors succeeded in treating Goldman’s various conditions. Once she awoke from her coma, it was up to the rehabilitation team to help get her back on the tennis court. [read more]