Brain cancer survival improves with novel electrical device, data suggest

Washington Post

April 2, 2017
By Laurie McGinley

A wearable medical device that delivers electrical fields through the scalp helped to extend the survival of patients with lethal brain tumors, according to data presented Sunday...

Trial investigator Andrew Lassman, the chief of neuro-oncology at Columbia University, first heard about the device some years ago. He remembers thinking, "What is this thing, is it a joke?" Now he believes the approach is here to stay — "I don’t think it’s sci-fi," he said — and calls the results "pretty good" even though the improvements are 'incremental, not curative."

He said that only 5 percent to 10 percent of his patients have opted to use the device. One reason is that it's impossible to hide: "For some patients, they’ll say, [I’m proud to display that I'm fighting this cancer.] But others say, [I don’t want anyone to know my business, I'd prefer to get an IV or a pill and be private.]" [read more]

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