Initiative for Columbia Ataxia and Tremor (ICAT)


A collaborative effort between physicians, scientists, and engineers to advance treatment and understanding of ataxia and tremor.

Our goal:

Ataxia (imbalance) and tremor (shaking) are two disabling neurological problems that are produced by a dysfunction in the cerebellum. Both ataxia and tremor have diverse causes, and treatment options are very limited. In order to advance therapy development for these disorders, the Initiative for Columbia Ataxia and Tremor brings physicians, scientists, and engineers together for the first time to advance our knowledge of the cerebellum and develop novel therapies for ataxia and tremor. Our initiative focuses on diagnostic precision and tailors treatment plans and research efforts to each individual. With collaborations between neurologists and neuroscientists at Columbia, we will rapidly bring laboratory discoveries into clinical applications to help people living with ataxia and tremor at an unprecedented scale.