Non-Affiliated Visitors

Guidelines & Application

Non-Affiliated Visitors may include high school students, visiting undergraduates, post-baccalaureates, and other observers (who observe but do not practice, research or clinical techniques or processes) or trainees (who receive training in research or clinical techniques or processes, including practice with appropriate supervision). These observers may not remain at the University for longer than three months:

  • If you are interested in doing a 3 month observership you must be sponsored by one of the department’s faculty member. In order to facilitate this process please email
  • Complete the Registration Form for Short-Term Visitors. This form must clearly state the purpose for which you will be visiting the University, the activities you will be engaged in while at the University and anticipated length of visit.
  • This must be signed by you and the faculty member sponsoring you.
  • Include an updated CV with your application
  • Complete a Health Assessment with Workforce Health and Safety
  • Complete a Drug Test
  •  If you are an MD or PhD and would like to observe in one of our divisions there is a non-negotiable $1,000 processing fee to bring you onboard.