Clinical Observership

Guidelines & Application

The Clinical Observership Program offers clinicians from other healthcare institutions an opportunity for ongoing training and education at the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital , however, without involvement in "hands-on" or any direct patient care activities.

A clinical observer is a physician, dentist, or doctor of philosophy (PhD), who is involved in clinical practice and desires to visit the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital for an informal educational experience. The length of an observership may range from one day to three months. Clinical observerships may be requested by a NewYork-Presbyterian Service Chief, medical staff member or directly by the clinician interested in an observership at NewYork-Presbyterian. Any physician, dentist, PhD, or resident requesting a clinical observership must:

  • Be sponsored by a member of the NewYork-Presbyterian medical staff and must have approval of the Service Chief. The clinical observer is also required to be appropriately registered with the Medical Staff Office prior to commencement of the observership experience.
  • Complete the Registration Form for Short-Term Visitors. This form must clearly state the purpose for which you will be visiting the University, the activities you will be engaged in while at the University and anticipated length of visit.
  • Complete the clinical observer application
  • Include a Curriculum Vitae with the applications
  • Sign a Confidentiality Agreement
  • Sign a waiver of liability, consent and immunity form
  • Complete a Health Assessment with Workforce Health and Safety
  • Pay the administrative processing fee of $1000 in the form of certified check to Columbia University Medical Center - Neurology.

Note: A clinical observer is not allowed to have any patient care responsibilities or engage in any "hands-on" experience with patients and their families. Clinical observers must always be accompanied by their sponsor or a university/hospital employee while on patient/clinical care areas.